Wood Decking – An Introduction to Its Uses

Decks have long been considered the perfect place to relax and enjoy the outdoors, but recently there has been a trend towards wood decking. Wood adds a sense of natural durability and is easy to maintain while decking adds a sense of luxury and prestige. When choosing your deck, it is important to consider your personal preferences and the style of your home as well. Learn more about Decking from ipewoods.com. Composite decking has taken over most of the market for outdoor decking because of their low maintenance and affordable price tag. When choosing between wood and composite, you should consider these three key factors:

Wood decking offers the benefits of durability and longevity, but it does require regular maintenance. Insects and weather damage may shorten the lifespan of your deck, so it is important to prevent insect damage by using wood decking that is resistant to decay or rot. Regular treatment with insect repellents and waterproofing can keep your deck looking beautiful year-round. If you are considering wood decking, it is important to check the condition of the wood for splinters and cracks. Many manufacturers use high-quality wood but inferior materials in order to cut cost, so your deck could potentially be destroyed by splinters in just a few years.

Wood decks are very attractive, but they are very susceptible to moisture and water damage. Moisture can expand the size of the splits and cause cracked boards, so moisture resistance is very important when selecting wood decking. If you live in a humid climate where summers are hot and winters are cold, or where rain is common, choose an alternative to moisture resistant wood decking. Popular choices are cedar, redwood, cypress, spruce, and teak. All of these provide attractive results but will require additional care to last.

A popular alternative to cedar wood decking is engineered wood decking that utilizes a type of resins to help prevent moisture. This deck finish provides a natural look with very little maintenance, although it should not be exposed to direct sunlight. In addition, the resin may mildew if it is not treated annually.

Another option for wood decking is to install a structure that resembles a shed or gazebo. Some of these structures are called greenhouses and provide year-round protection from insects, particularly western red and white ants, which can destroy wood decks. Get more info about Ipe Woods USA. Modified wood is another option and looks similar to a backyard greenhouse. Molded cedar is a popular choice, as well as redwood, sycamore, and spruce. The advantage of these decks is that they provide year-round protection and do not need to be treated for insects.

The final option for building a deck is to install high-density fiberboard or composite decking. These decks are extremely durable and are free of insect problems, as long as they are properly maintained. Although these decks are heavier than traditional wood decking, they are light enough to be carried away if there is heavy weather. Learn more from https://www.dictionary.com/browse/decking?s=t.

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